The Nutraceutical industry consistently strives to produce or procure the best materials for their formulations. While accessibility to the highest quality materials is critical, the new buzzword is bio-availability. The absorption rate/ability of the end product is now becoming more prevalent than ever before. Protein Solutions Group allows producers to maintain higher concentrations of bio-nutrients and improved delivery mediums.


When purity is paramount and you have spent time, energy and money to ensure that every aspect of your process is certified organic, why would you allow the processing of your product to alter or add any unnatural elements? PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology is based off of our Organi-Dry™ line of products. Organi-Dry™ is all natural and organic using only FDA, GRAS level approved products.

Natural Materials

Dehydration / Powders / Oils

Herbal Medicine

PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology maintains more nutrients and minerals than any other method of dehydration. This produces higher quality end products and potent powders. Additionally, Organi-Dry™ can also allow produce (such as avocados), fish or meats to get partially dehydrated and go directly to the press extracting only the precious oils with no need to separate out the water.  This saves time and money in the oil extraction process.


The new buzzword now is “nutrition density” as our populations are not getting the proper nutrients and minerals in their daily diets. At risk populations, especially the young and elderly, are especially susceptible. Utilizing PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology to dehydrate and concentrate meat and produce’s components, new products can be developed to address this mission critical issue.

Nutraceutical Powders

Unique Formulations


Because PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology maintains more nutrients and minerals than any other method of dehydration, formulators can create and build unique and powerful formulations. This is due to the fact that they are starting out with the purest and most concentrated base materials which allows them to design products unlike any other on the market.


The problem with ingredient processing is that valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lost. PSG addresses this with its Protein Dried™ technology which maintains meats and produce’s valuable components by extracting only the water while maintaining cellular integrity. Other dehydration processes deplete or chemically alter the end product. PSG can retain what nature has so carefully created.


Low Cost

Low Cost

Unless you are laying product to rot out in the sun to dry, PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology provides the lowest cost including both Capital (initial) and Operational (ongoing) Expenditures. Our technology cuts down on space, headcount and other overhead.

Time to Market

If dehydration is part of your processing, then PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can ensure that you can produce outstanding product in a short time frame. Our completely scalable system and protocols will allow you to accommodate any size biomass allowing you to process in a timely manner and deliver to your clients.