The Cannabis and Hemp industries face many challenges; State and Federal laws, financial regulations, grow cycles, bacteria/mold/mildew, processing contamination, curing, potency, storage/freshness, and much more. Protein Solutions Group can address these concerns and so much more.

Cannabinoid Retention

The problem with processing Cannabis and Hemp is that valuable Cannabinoids are lost in the process. PSG addresses this with its Protein Dried™ technology which maintains the plants’ valuable components by extracting only the water while maintaining cellular integrity. Other dehydration processes deplete or chemically alter the end product. PSG can retain what nature has so carefully created.


Increased Terpenes


As with Cannabinoid retention, PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology has shown significant increases in Terpene levels. This is due to our technology being able to maintain the cellular structure during dehydration unlike traditional methods which alter the chemical composition or destroy the cells during their processes. Imagine not having to cure your product and get even better Flavonoids and Terpenes, PSG can achieve this for you.

Dehydration / Oils / Concentration

Whenever you concentrate a product you enhance the good elements, but you potentially could be bringing along the bad items. PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology, preserves the Cannabinoids and Terpenes to their highest levels while blocking out any contaminants. Organi-Dry™, is only present in trace amounts and has been tested safe down to the parts per million, ensuring your product is the highest potency and safest available.

Cannabis Oil



Purity is paramount in the Cannabis industry. Harsh fertilizers and pesticides are avoided during the grow cycle. But one of the most dangerous parts of the entire grow cycle is the drying phase where, due to long exposure, contaminants and cellular rotting are the biggest challenge. PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology, rapidly dehydrates while blocking out any contaminants. Our Organi-Dry™ product, is 100% organic, safe and effective.

Increased Shelf Life

While PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can rapidly dehydrate Cannabis and Hemp while achieving higher Cannabinoids and Terpenes, did you know that it can also preserve your product longer? This is due to our Organi-Dry’s™ process which enrobes the product organically preserving it while dehydrating it. The trace amount that is left behind provides a safe barrier against contaminants increasing your products’ shelf life.

Cannabis Jars

Low Cost

Low Cost

Unless you are laying product to rot out in the sun to dry, PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology provides the lowest cost including both Capital (initial) and Operational (ongoing) Expenditures. Our technology cuts down on space, headcount and other overhead.

Time to Market

If dehydration is part of your processing, then PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can ensure that you can produce outstanding product in a short time frame. Our completely scalable system and protocols will allow you to accommodate any size biomass allowing you to process in a timely manner and deliver to your clients.