The Food and Agriculture industries are incessantly under time constraints; time to grow/harvest, time to market, time to sell or preserve, etc.  And this doesn’t even consider second or “ugly” fruits/vegetables and/or waste products.  Protein Solutions Group can address these concerns and so much more.


Fruits, vegetables, fish and meats that are not sold immediately need to be processed or thrown away. Traditional dehydration methods (freeze drying, heat/microwave drying, sun drying, etc.) alter the end product, depriving it of its nutrients, texture and flavors.  But, PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology maintains cellular structure and all the nutrients removing only the water. This produces a fresh tasting dehydrated product with concentrated flavors.

Fruits And Vegetables

Waste / Co-Products

Citrus Waste

The processing of agricultural products often results in massive biomass waste. What if this could be turned into viable products?  PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can preserve and transform what was once waste into new products which we refer to as “Co-Products”. Traditionally, vitamin C and other nutrients are extracted from the juice of citrus fruits. But the pulp, rind and zest contain 800% more vitamin C. This can be dehydrated, powdered and turned directly into a super nutraceutical product.

Dehydration / Powders / Oils

PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology maintains more nutrients and minerals than any other method of dehydration. This produces higher quality end products and potent powders. But, did you also realize that we can also allow produce (such as avocados) or meats (such as fish) to get partially dehydrated and go directly to the press extracting only the precious oils with no need to separate out the water.  This saves time and money in the oil extraction process.

Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables



Microgreens contain considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids, at least five times greater than their mature plant counterparts. PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can drive those numbers through the roof when dehydrated and turned into powder form.

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For the time being, we have figured out how to fill the bellies of the world’s population. Unfortunately, distribution seems to be a barrier. That said, the buzzword now is “nutrition density” as our populations are not getting the proper nutrients and minerals in their daily diets. At risk populations, especially the young and elderly, are especially susceptible. Utilizing PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology to dehydrate and concentrate meat and produce’s components, new products can be developed to address this mission critical issue.




In today’s global economy food producers and chefs are searching for the next great ingredient, food source and/or product. PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can create new foods that are nutrient dense and produce unique flavors that are unachievable by any other means all via an organic, safe and natural process.


The problem with food processing is that valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lost. PSG addresses this with its Protein Dried™ technology which maintains meats and produce’s valuable components by extracting only the water while maintaining cellular integrity. Other dehydration processes deplete or chemically alter the end product. PSG can retain what nature has so carefully created.




Logistics companies consistently struggle with volume and weight which drive costs to the customers through the roof. PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology can remove the water weight from any organic material enabling clients to ship their goods in higher densities or lower volumes which equates to significant cost savings. Many organic materials can be rehydrated back to almost their natural state when they arrive at their destination.