The Problem –
Liquids Into Powder

Most major manufacturing processes start off as a liquid and need to be converted into a powder/tablet
The majority of dehydration processes either heat or freeze the organic product reducing important ingredients and nutrients
Most manufacturing processes take days to weeks to complete
Manufacturing processes are a major cost of products
Even a small savings in the manufacturing process saves millions of dollars
Agriculture – Foods – Nutraceuticals – Cannabis – Cosmetics – Pharmaceuticals – All have similar processes and similar challenges in loss of nutrients, time and expenditures



The Solution

Organi-Dry™ using proteomics science uniquely solves all these problems

Proteomics Science

A methodology using state of the art proteomics science to make the drying time faster and cheaper

Manufacturing Process

A procedure that can be injected into existing methods with little to no disruption in current manufacturing processes


Protein Solution

“A proprietary trade secret liquid protein solution proven to dehydrate any natural substance and keep the same molecular structure, using no heat or mechanical technologies”